Chef Ito and Fraser Valley Renaissance Nigori win Canada's Great Kitchen Party Victoria!
We are proud to announce Takashi Ito the winner of the October 2018 Canada's Great Kitchen Party (previously known as Canada's Gold Medal Plate) in Victoria, B.C. Chef Ito, of Aura Waterfront Restaurant and Patio in Victoria, paired his winning plate with our Fraser Valley Junmai Renaissance Nigori creating a decadent, imaginatively Canadian balance. Bravo Chef Ito! Kampai!
Rice Season 2018 Update: Harvest
This year we brought the rice field to you by publishing a series of photographs write-ups documenting this years rice farming. Check out our final post in this series showing our harvest. The entire rice planting series can be found here.
2018 Vancouver Sake Week is coming up!
This year instead of a Sake Fest, SakeBC is holding the 2018 Vancouver Sake Week from Sept. 24 - Oct. 1. The week will include tastings and various events showcasing hundreds of different sakes from domestic and internatuional producers. The consumer tasting event will be held on Thursday, Sept. 27th from 6:30-9:30pm at The Imperial (319 Main St., Vancouver BC) tickets and info can be found at the SakeBC website. Kampai!
The cherry blossoms are back... and so are Purdy's Sake and Sakura Chocolate Truffles!
Spring is officially here! What better way to celebrate any changing seasons than with chocolate? Purdy's Chocolatiers is inviting you to enjoy Spring with their signature Sake and Sakura Chocolate Truffles (made with our sake!). These are truly a delicious way to embrace the cherry blossoms and new season! More info is available at Purdy's website.
Osake Artisan Sake Maker at the 2018 Vancouver International Wine Festival
Another successful year for Osake Artisan SakeMaker at the Vancouver International Wine festival where we poured five of our natural small-batch Vancouver-made sake. is what we will be pouring!
More info and photos from the wine festival here.
Spring infused sweets: Artisan SakeMaker and Purdy’s Chocolate
This spring, Artisan SakeMaker and Purdy’s Chocolate team up to infuse the best of spring into delicious confectionery through an intricate local craftsmanship process.
More info here.
Discover our SakeKasu recipes!
There are multitudes of healthy and delicious recipes you can make using our homemade SakeKasu.

Click here to see recipes and places to buy our Kasu!
Rice Production
The rice growing operation in the "Most Northerly Region in the World” can be seen in Abbotsford, the Farming Mecca in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Read about the Rice Production here!
The FIRST “Rice-Based Natural Skincare Products” in North America is made locally in British Columbia ! “Unleash the power in the rice grain and experience fresh, clear luminous skin.”
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